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At Notre Dame, we’re shaping a new generation of leaders – the critical thinkers.We’re here to teach you to think in new ways and empower you to make a difference. You’ll be immersed in a tradition that has inspired the world’s best thinkers for centuries and put your new thinking into practice by completing some of the most comprehensive practical experience in Australia.This is why Notre Dame is rated #1 in Australia for overall quality of educational experience. Our lecturers are professionals who are deeply engaged with their industries, and our small class sizes mean they get to know you and help you grow. Our campuses in Darlinghurst & Chippendale are located in Sydney’s most vibrant urban areas, so you’ll always be at the heart of the action. By choosing to study at Notre Dame – whether it be nursing, medicine, education,business, law, philosophy or the arts – you’ll be setting yourself up for an impressive future. Visit notredame.edu.au/sydney